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Monday, August 13, 2012

Mexico City (I)

Zócalo México DF
(c) Victoria Cruz

Many people say there is a love-hate relationship with the city. It is extremely big and caothic, but also culturally rich and always alive.

There is ALWAYS somewhere to eat, at any time, specially taco stands are valued among the citizens. The different options of tacos as well as the diverse hot or not so hot sauces are just amazing.
I miss tacos A LOT, Germany is not the same without them. Although there are some places of "Mexican food" it is never the same.

Mexico is big, indeed, but also small. There are so many "Mexicos" and there are so many "Mexico citites". Unfortunately the economic and educational inequality is one of those reasons to love-hate the city (and the country) However, people are almost always welcoming and receive tourist and foreigners with a smile on the face.

Mexico City is color, but also grayscales. Markets, festivities, traditions, all full of vivid colors. But there is a lack of trees, some places do not have water or electricity and some others barely have something to eat.

Mexico is this and that, Mexico is a country full of history and culture. A country that still tries to manage post-colonialism values and ideas that sometimes are not so positive, but also because of this cultural clash, Mexico is a mix, but not an homogenous one.

Mexico is small towns, with horses, donkeys, nopales, color folkloric dresses and different typs of music. Mexico is also modernity, amazing architecture, and natural resources. Mexico is Mexico. Mexico is a culture.

I guess Mexico is a book, Mexico City is just one of its chapters, a really long one.

(c) Victoria Cruz

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  1. That is the same feeling I have about Bosnia, being very proud of many beautiful life aspects here (and saying that it s not a complex of a small unheard country, rather a cognition of values that doesn't necesarilly include 'highlights'.
    But being frustrated seeing how politics, bad economy and injustice taking a part, still not discouraged.

    p.s. Tacos? Why did I only try enchiladas?;-)xx